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Summary of The Congress


International Anatolian Congress on Neuroscience and Sexual Health-2015 was realized at Hilton-Kozyatağı-İstanbul on 1-3 May, 2015 with great success and interest. Most of audiences did not leave their seats at each lecture. The splendid social activities, brotherhood lunch-dinner tables were available throughout the conference every day and every night.

The congress was mostly sponsored by Doç. Dr. Ümit SAYIN (the president of ASEHERT-CİSEATED) and his personal funds and partially by Birsen Güney. Taner Arısal was also one of the partial sponsors. The congress was hosted by ASEHERT-CİSEATED (www.ciseated.org).


The foreign plenary lecturers, Prof. Osmo Kontula, Prof. Charles Moser, Prof. Carlos Schenck, Prof. Barry Komisaruk, Prof. Oswaldo Rodrigues, Dr. Marjo Tossavainen, gave nearly 2 lectures or more. National Speakers were Doç. Dr. Ümit Sayin, Doç. Dr. Fehmi Narter, Dr. Süleyman Eserdağ, Dr. Murat Ulusoy, Dr. Berk Karaoğlu, Doç. Dr. Sultan Tarlacı on various subjects. Many topics were covered during the conference such as vaginismus and modern methods of treatments of vaginismus and anorgasmia; vibrating dilator use in vaginismus; pleasure and orgasm oriented treatment of vaginismus; ESR (Expanded Sexual Response); female orgasm; surgical methods to enhance sexual pleasure and orgasm in women; Latin American findings on sex therapy; liberation; monogamy and polygamy; four nerve conceptualization and novel theories on female orgasm and f(MRI) findings; the neurochemistry of love and relations; cheating; conflict resolution and sex therapy-education in Finland and Nordic Countries; determinants of female orgasm in Finland. The slides of the lectures, photos of the scenes and some video clips are available from the web site. The summaries of their lectures will soon be available from this web site.

As an outcome of this conference, the “Global Liberator” Charles Moser’s ideas were discussed and accepted. It is decided that starting from this web site; we will establish a platform for defending human liberation and sexual liberation at any means, as we have accepted and are supporting WAS Declaration of Sexual Rights-2014. First of all, we will form a platform against the DSM-Hypersexual Disorder Proposal, which was dismissed from DSM-5 and was planning to limit the sexual behavior of females diagnosing nearly one third of the global women as “Hypersexual Disorder to be treated in DSM-5”. Paraphilias were also discussed during the meeting. With Prof. Charles Moser, we will soon publish a “Declaration of Human Sexual Liberation”. Also the data and presentations of Carlos Schenck, Oswaldo Rodrigues, Osmo Kontula, Barry Komisaruk and Marjo Tossavainen were followed with great interest and discussed. Barry Komisaruk’s revolutionary f(MRI) findings on FOUR NERVE CONCEPTUALIZATON (Four Nerve Theory of Female Orgasm) were followed with great interest by the scientists, delegates and the press. His voice and video presentations will be available from this web site (password protected). Prof. Oswaldo Rodrigues (Director of a sex therapy institute in San Paola-Brazil) gave very interesting data and results, as well as summarizing modern approaches of sex therapy in Latin America. Also the use of vibrators and sex toys in sex therapy were discussed in the conference, mainly in the lectures of Dr. Ümit Sayın. It is decided and approved by the whole group that the sex toys and vibrators should be used in sex therapy and human sexuality. As known, in Turkey, there is a great resistance and rejection of sex toys and vibrators by the psychiatrists, health professionals and sex therapists. While in USA the usage of sex toys and vibrators was 53 %, in Turkey this frequency is less than 1 % among the Turkish women. Also the Dionysus Cult’s traditions were discussed among the lecturers.

Social part of the congress was also exhilarating. Nearly every night and during the remaining times, congress committee, lecturers and the delegates gathered for brotherhood-booze dinners; during the social activities lots of topics were discussed such as, global liberation of women; conditions in Turkey; the decline of female liberation and orgasm in Turkey and in many other countries; sex toys and vibrators; paraphilias; DSM (Psychiatric Classifications) proposals; the results and the conditions created by the use of anti-depressant SSRIs globally; the unfavorable and blocking effects of anti-depressants, SSRI’s and anti-psychotic drugs on female sexuality and orgasm; female orgasms and multiple orgasms; Tantric orgasms; Expanded Sexual Response (ESR). Prof. Oswaldo Rodrigues surprisingly stated that anorgasmia cases increased to 65 % in Brazil, compared to 14 % in USA and 25-30 % in Turkey.

The lectures and lovely, soothing environment of Hilton Hotel made every delegate, as well as the speakers, very content and happy; most of them articulated that they have learned many different topics and issues on human sexuality and sex therapy. Social activities and special dinners at every night at different regions of İstanbul made most of the speakers and the delegates united (Kadikoy Fish Bazaar Restaurants, Victor Levi Wine House, Nevizade-Abbas Restaurants and others).

Every lecturer was given a “Thank you” Plate. Prof. Osmo Kontula, Prof. Barry Komisaruk, Prof. Carlos Schenck, Prof. Charles Moser, Prof. Oswaldo Rodrigues, Prof. Erwin Haeberle were awarded with ASEHERT-CISEATED’s traditional, international DIONYSUS AWARD. This also means that they are natural speakers and black category professors for the next Anatolian Congress in 2018, with the registrations fees waived, whether they give a lecture or not. Some of them will also be in the committee of the referee team of the next Dionysus award (3 to 6 international Dionysus Awards will be delivered to outstanding professors during the next Anatolian Meetings).

International Anatolian Congress on Neuroscience and Sexual Health was realized with great interest, success, content, happiness and unification on 1-3 May, 2015 at Hilton-Kozyatağı Hotel, İstanbul-Turkey. Both the speakers and the delegates finished the conference with great content and pleasure.